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The abbey was very beautiful, and there were more than a hundred nuns besides the lay sisters and the pensionnaires (children and young girls being educated there).

The beautiful Comtesse de Brionne and her daughter, the Princesse de Lorraine, who was also very pretty, then came to call on her, and their visit was followed by those of all the court and faubourg Saint Germain. She also knew all the great artists [30] and literary people, and had more invitations than she could accept..
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鈥淲ell, who am I, then?鈥?
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E. H. Bearne.

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鈥淚t is a gang of assassins,鈥 said he, 鈥渂ringing bodies of victims to bury in the garden.鈥 Just then the man who had hired the pavilion came in; the wife followed him and rushed back pale with terror.
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The best!